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Welcome all to Sagacity’s Sentinel!

On this blog we will examine the works and ideas of Miles Mathis. Miles is an amateur mathematician and theoretical physicist residing in Austin, Texas.

In his studies of the greats of history in the area of physics he discovered simple mathematical errors, (and errors of application), that have compounded themselves upon Physics at a fundamental level. Beginning with the foundations of Euclid’s geometry, (and its application to real physical situations), to Newton’s Calculus straight though to Standard Theory — Miles discovers a plethora of mistakes and misapplications. By recognizing and correcting these problems Mathis is attempting to put Physics back in line with the physical.

With the recent release of Miles’ book it seems the critics have come out of the woodwork. This, as it goes, was to be expected and I encouraged it. Critical analysis of  any theory makes for better science and is in the spirit of the scientific method. The goal in science as well as in life should be an assessment of truth to the best of our available information. I believe this is what Mathis’ tries to do in his papers. Is Miles always right? I certainly hope not. That would impose a level of infallibility that I think Miles would find  very hard to live up to. I think the question is — is Mr. Mathis honestly seeking the truth? In studying his work I believe he is.

While saying this I would like to point out that not all would agree with me. Some have suggested that Miles’ anti-establishment tone detracts from his work– saying it is distasteful hubris. Yet, as Mathis points out in one of his recent papers,

“I may or may not be a crackpot, but you will not be able to decide that question based on my confidence or the fact that I think I know something. If I am factually wrong about everything, I am a crackpot, no matter how confident I am or am not. If I am factually right about some important things, I am not a crackpot, no matter how little you like my style. To put it another way, the truth is not up for a vote. It is not a personality contest. The majority has nothing to say about it, since the majority knows nothing about the question at hand.”

Since Miles has addressed the relevance of this issue to him and his work I will let his explanation stand in isolation.

Therefore, there is only one rule in posting on this forum. The use of derogatory language like “crank” and “crackpot” will not be tolerated. The use of this type of word in any comment should be considered automatically unapproved for posting.

With that I would like to welcome truth seekers, (proponent and critic alike), to comment on the, “questions at hand.”




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